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     He re-awoke two days after France had put him to sleep, which wasn't too approved by Spain, he hated when France did that to people, even if he knew well how it was done, it made the Spaniard uneasy, thinking that the person he'd done it to, wouldn't awaken. When he'd awoken, everything around him felt somewhat, nostalgic, and the first face he encountered, was that of the Prussian, he was sitting there staring down at Romano with a slight scowl.
        "You sure drool a lot kid..."
   It took a few minuets to process those words, but Romano finally raised a hand to his mouth, wiping fingers across it slightly to feel the liquid, automatically disgusted, he rubbed it away with his blanket.
     "Pfft... you got a problem with spit or what? Its okay that you drool, Spain does the same thing all the time... ... wow... that feels weird, being able to call him Spain around you.."
      That's when the memories of what had occurred came back, Romano sat up quickly, causing his head to stir and beg that he return to the pillow.
     "Gott! Lay back down you idiot! You wanna puke all over the room or what!?"
"I... I need answers..."
       Gilbirt sighed, he really wasn't one for stupid sob stories, and he wasn't going to start being for them now, but this Italian before him needed to know what was going on, he knew if he didn't tell the boy, that he'd get up and find the answers for himself, or at least try, and that wouldn't be good for his condition.
       "Okay look, I'm sure you know the country Germany.. well.. the persona of that country, is my younger brother... I'm a country called Prussia, and... I was dissolved, meaning, as you know, I'm just a regular person... I was in a bad spot when that happened, I swear, cooperating with anyone was against me.. I was seriously considering... but then, France and Spain offered me their hands, we'd been good friends before so..."
     The man paused, looking toward a yet-again empty birdcage.
  It was quite the surprise that these two had such similar situations, especially because they really hadn't gotten along much ever since Romano had moved in here, but, perhaps that would all change now?
   Romano let out a sigh, but it was a bit broken, stopping here and there as it escaped his aching lungs.
   "You probably hurt a lot kid, that guy broke more than half your ribs on your left side... we called a doc, and he told us to just let you rest it out, he also hooked you up with some bandages and such for all your wounds... anyway, when you gain enough strength, and when you're fully awake, you're allowed to get up, but only when that happens kay? I don't want to be responsible for your idiocy..."
    With that, the Prussian rose to his feet, brushed himself off, and walked out of the bedroom. So perhaps things hadn't changed, that didn't matter, Romano was now face to face with people like him, people that knew how his scenarios felt, it was both a refreshing feeling, and a somewhat terrifying one, for he'd never encountered others like he, even though he knew full well that there was a persona for every country. It was at least thirty minuets before he decided to rise, and when he did, he had to wince and flinch a couple of times, for it pained him to move too much. Never once before, had getting to one's feet felt like such a daunting task, not like this. Finally, he was up and walking, limping a bit, for his leg was injured as well. He slid the door open slightly, listening for conversation until he heard it.
          "I told him he could get up if he wanted to.."
"You are an idiot! You know he's s'upposed to stay in ze bed for at least anozer week!"
    "You know full well, that even if I told him to stay, he wouldn't!"
Well, he was up now, but.. he was somewhat afraid to go out, what if he got in trouble for leaving the room, what i-
  Romano looked up to come hazel eyes to green with Antonio, in which, after about five seconds, Romano promptly slammed the sliding door, hiding behind it because of what he'd seen around Spain's arm, bandages, he'd taken the bullet, that's what that meant.
       "Oi! You can't just stand there and then slam the door! Come on! Open up!"
    Hesitantly, Romano did has he was requested, sliding the door back open part way.
"Are you hungry? I'd bet you are, I mean, you have been asleep for two days~"
     Why was he being so kind, and why... did that irritate Romano a little?
   "Come on~"
        The Spaniard reached out and grabbed Lovino by the hand, causing the Italian to flinch yet again, he pulled the other male into the kitchen, situating him carefully into a seat at the dining room table.
   "There ya go, now... do you like eggs?"
  Romano just nodded, he'd noticed France and Prussia had gone silent when the two entered the frontal part of their home. Spain reached into the fridge and pulled out a carton of eggs, opening them and taking out two, before getting started buttering a pan.
    "So how do you take your eggs? As an omelet?"
        Lovino nodded at the man's question, keeping his eyes on the two across the way as they moved in and took seats at the dining room table, proceeding to stare back.
     "So... we thought you were Italian but... what country are you really? Cause we know Venenziano is-"
    "I was the southern part of Italy..."
At these words Prussia bolted out of his chair and blurted out;
    "Wait! You are the southern country after the north!?"
           "Pruzzia stop!"
  "No! He wants to kill Venenziano!"
        As soon as Lovino had risen his body shut down and he nearly fell, if it weren't for the quick aid of Antonio, who hadn't even gotten the chance to turn the stove top on.
   "Idiot! You don't say things like that!"
"But its true! There's no sugar coating it this time Spain! They are apparently the ONLY countries that could have possibly been split by North and South! You know what they said..."
   "What... what did they say?"
       It was a faint tone, but it was one that broke the argument between the Spaniard and the Prussian. Spain huffed and slipped his arm underneath Romano's butt, lifting him and carrying him off into the living room, holding the male close to his chest. Naturally, Romano wanted to fight it, he wanted to protest about his ass being touched, but he was a bit too weak at this point to do that, so he just gave in to it. This man... he smelt exactly like that towel, so it must have been his, such a warm smell...
    Suddenly, the smell was ripped away and Lovino was left in open air, laying upon the cold couch. Romano squirmed some, trying to get comfortable, though it was difficult, for it still ached to do anything but lie or sit there in stationary. Once he was finally situated, or so seemed, Antonio knelt down beside the couch so he could look Romano eye to eye, and explain things.
   "Roma... Venenziano's boss told tale of two brothers that were the persons of one country, he said that the little brother ended up being full persona of both halves of the country, and that the older brother was jealous, and wanted to completely abolish his brother... We didn't know any brotherly sided countries so we didn't think to hard on it but... you are Venenziano's brother... aren't you?"
  Romano solemnly nodded.
    "And... Lovi... do you really want to kill him?"
Romano's heart froze again, he didn't answer for a few seconds, finally, he pulled something out of his pocket, causing France and Prussia to jump up on guard, as if he were pulling out a gun or other sort of weapon.
    "Read the notes... when I'm asleep.."

Romano's Phone Notes

Entry 1 The Start of It
      They got my brother and I a phone when we were reunited, I sixteen, he thirteen...
To be honest, I don't even care that I have a brother, they never really told me why they'd kept us apart since we were Six and three... All I know is that Grandfather fell, and Italy spent a lot of his life with Austria and Ms. Hungary, whilst I... I spent my time alone... Mr. Roderich said I was too much trouble for him to handle, and the next thing I knew, I was transported to this damn mansion, a mansion that is completely empty aside from the occasional visits of my boring ass boss, and the workers, not that they give me much conversation.
      I kind of wish there would have been someone to take me, like my brother was taken, but apparently, I wasn't wanted by anyone, or at least, everyone was kept away from me... they wanted to get at my brother first, like taking him down, could take me down... but once that had happened, I wasn't wanted after all that...
    Apparently, I am Mr. Austria's still, but, he just doesn't want me living in the same place as him.. because I am useless, I brake everything, I cause mischief, but what do they expect me to do? Thinking they can own me like I am a piece of property! Well... apparently I am property... but they can have all that! I just want to be left alone! ... I don't.. need anyone...
Entry 2 Under the Damn Weather
    I feel awful today, how I hate being a country. I hate it, it makes everyone pity you and care for you only because they don't want your country completely vanishing with you, even though that wouldn't happen, they don't know it, but I killed myself once to make sure... we can't die.. we come back when we die, its not fair! We don't have a way out! We don't get to grow old!
     How dying hurt though, it was like... your entire being was being sucked into your heart, and you yourself were a black hole... it was awful.
        I won't be dying again anytime soon, unless I find some way out of this hell they call our life and grow old like normal people do.. pheh.. they get all the luck. They don't have to live forever.

Entry 3 A Re-meet with my brother

   They keep making me hang out with that wuss of a brother of mine... when I don't want to. I don't want to hang out with that girly, snively little brat, he has plenty of other friends to be with, he doesn't need me... and I don't need him, especially when we're being monitored like we constantly are, I can feel their eyes on us, as if we will hurt one another.. Or rather... as if I will hurt him.
      He doesn't know how much it hurts that they go on alert every time I reach out my hand to grab something or simply sneeze. I hate it. I really despise that they think I would do ANYTHING to hurt my brother, even if I despise him, he's my brother, he's family, and for a while, we grew together, even if it was only a short time.
    But I guess... being alone.. hurts worse.
  When they leave me in my own thoughts, I get.. so... afraid.
     Apparently the Mafia hates that there are more than one characteristics to Italy, they feel it should be a united place, so that they can have a better watch of it, but yet, here I am. Also, they don't like me much anyway, they visited the estate once, and I played many pranks on them that they ignored, how foolish I am, I ended up with a gunshot to the knee, and though it hurt, no one came to help and I had to limp off and care for it myself, for everyone else was... far too busy.
      The people of the house hated me as well... they hated having a little brat , bastard, or ass running around the house, or so they put it. Not that I would admit this out loud but... I just wish... someone would look at me and see nothing but my good sides... but I guess I'm convinced.. there aren't any

   Spain decided to stop reading for the night, all these small notes were a bit slurred and too tacky for them to be written by any professional, but they were interesting thus far.. and he would continue to read them each night, until he got to the end.
Hey There.. I would suggest reading the first chapters and this chapter before you read on ^^

I didn't want Romano's Notes to be too literate, in fact, I didn't want them being literate at all.. he doesn't write often, at least I wouldn't think, though I guess his grammar would be at least acceptable for a sixteen year old ~

I am sorry the story got so serious... I guess I rushed into it didn't I? Did I? Well chips... but I think this would be on the basis of Romano never being given to Spain... maybe...

Please don't try to make corrections on me, this is how I wanted it to go, and I am not going to change it, sorry if that sounds rude but... FEH


The next chapter shall be out soon~ <3
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