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     His first night in the apartment was a rough one, it seemed 'Gilbird' liked to coo on the hour, his loud, consistent, hoarse coos. When he wasn't cooing, his master was talking in his sleep, or snoring. Romano stayed up more than half the night listening to the Prussian's words. Things about someone named Susan or Carlos, things about war plans that somewhat crept Romano out, and random foods littered the male's speech. When he'd finally settled into a constant and lasting sleep, he found morning came quicker than per usual, squinting into the light of day as his eyes focused on the back of the familiar albino.
     "You don't have to be awake, jeeze kid! Go back to sleep!"
   It was obvious that Gilbirt was getting ready for school, the rustling of his items being the cause of Romano's awakening. Grumbling, Lovino covered his head and turned over, when he did, the rustling of items seemed to get louder, Romano had a feeling that the Prussian was trying to wake him, but he didn't comment on it, he just wanted rest now.
     Gilbirt finally exited the room, leaving Romano to turn back around and peer into the birdcage that was now, empty. He dozed off staring at the spacious cage, dismissing the thought that the bird was amiss, what did it matter to him anyway? When he found himself asleep, he was awakened yet again almost immediately, by the rushing sound of a loud engine, it sputtered and then drove off. This was the last straw, Romano decided to get up, rubbing his eyes and stretching before getting to his feet. He exited his room, entering into the center bathroom in the middle of the hall, one he'd noticed when Antonio had been showing him to his room the day before.
     He sighed.
        The reflection of who he was, who he resembled, spat teases of tom foolery in his face. He decided it'd be best to take a shower, to wash away the feelings of anxiety. He was over-ecstatic to find that the shower was steaming, he liked to take hot showers, they released any aches or worries of the past days. So relaxing. The hot water rode down his back and to the ground bellow, letting it flow against his neck and on the back of his head, not caring that his hair was surrounding his face. Nearing sleep, he rested his head against the wall ahead and began to drift off so-
     There was a loud clang, Lovino reacting by bolting awake and peeing out of the shower curtain to see both the Spanaird and French Man standing there.
   "No locking the door! Other people need in too you know!"
  Romano rolled his eyes and pulled the curtain back into pl- what were they doing!? He peeked back out to find that the two men were disrobing!
   "Move over new kid,"
'Move... over?'
   Romano's thoughts went blank of anything else than 'Move over!'
  "N-No! No!"
Quick as one could, Romano grabbed the nearest towel, nearly falling on his face out of the tub, and scrambling away back into his room. There he sat for a few minuets, dripping wet, breathing heavily. Was the man giving him a hard time because he was new? Or did they really take showers together!?
   His cell phone suddenly rang, shivers poking at his skin ever so slightly as the noise startled him.
     "Oh, its you, what do you want?"
As soon as it was apparent to Lovino who was on the other end of the call, he lost interest. Instead of listening, he found other things to occupy his mind, such as; who's towel was this? He's been toying with the large tan cloth, pressing it to his nose, to be filled with the scent of cinnamon and, something else, something warm, homely. He couldn't even hear his brother now, for his eyelids where collapsing, being sued by the towel's scent, by its warmth...

    He was asleep, and fully unaware that a man was now standing over him, a man whom grimaced before easing his face into an exasperated scoff. He knelt down near the younger male, reaching out his left hand to the phone that was left open, and his right to the boy's head.
     "Ey... that's my towel..."
   The man smirked, rubbing his hand through the boy's hair, the strands weren't tangled at all, and they were extremely soft, unlike any of the other men's hair in this household. Then he noticed particular thick strands of hair that stood out in a curled upward shape.
    "Huh... Venenziano has hair like th-"
        Erogenous Zone.... He could recall France telling him about that, but, was it the same for someone who wasn't a country? Stupid question, it probably was. The man reached out a hand, about t- what was he doing? He shook his head as though he were insane, and moved his hand away, getting to his feet and looking down at the phone still at his aid. There was a picture of... the ocean? Dismissing the thought of it, the man closed the phone and put it back near the Italian's pillow.
   He smiled once more before exiting the room.

      "Good Morning..."
"Its not morning you bastard.. leave m'alone..."

    Romano rubbed his eyes before slugging over to the Kitchen table, sitting in a random chair and slamming his head onto the plastic.
    "¡Dios mío! Its about time you show your true colors our little Italiano..."
    Romano raised his head just enough to say 'Shut Up' before slamming it back down. If he were in his natural thoughts, he wouldn't have been so rude first off, he was trying to keep a good impression, which was hard for someone who was naturally rude and put up walls.
   "I was thinking... there's a beach not too far from here.. and we don't have school on Friday because its a meeting day for our teachers... so how's about we all walk to the beach and take the girls out for a good time?"
    "Jeezus, really? What is with all the random shit Antonio"
"... I just thought it was a good idea Gilbirt..."
    "I sink it is a wonderful idea~"
"See? France is with me... what about you Roma~? Wouldn't you like a nice play date with Lili?"
    It was true, Romano had taken some sort of a fancy to the young girl, but, just how young was she? He didn't reply, instead, he tugged on his jacket, and pulled his hood up over himself.

   "Then its settled! We'll go to the beach!"
        Romano got to his feet, he walked off into the hallway, back toward his room, it was late, he shouldn't have gotten up anyway.
As swift has he could, Romano turned and pinned the hand Spain was going to place on his shoulder, against a wall. Staring the man straight into his eyes, fear befalling them some, as anger filled his own.
   "You touch my damn phone again and... I.."
This wasn't right! He was allowed to stay here! He couldn't do this!
     He let the Spaniard's wrist go, backing away and returning to his steady trod toward the room he called his own, slamming the sliding door behind himself and sliding against it to the ground, where he opened up his phone and read past diary entries he'd put in it by means of different notes. They were awful, why had he written these? Why had he allowed himself to carry on with such disdainful memories, all they did was wash fear and anger over him, all they did was weigh him down, and if anyone else were to read them he-... he closed the phone swiftly, resting his head against his knees and shivering now and again.
     "Lovino? We.. we ordered some Pizza.. I realized you.. you hadn't eaten since you'd gotten here, or, I figure you were asleep all day... I... I'll just leave it here.. also, Gilbirt said he'd sleep on the couch tonight so he could give you some privacy, Gilbird is out on one of his nightly flights..."
    With that.. the Spaniard said no more, he just left the plate by the door way and walked away.
'Why is that idiot still being kind to me!?'
    Romano recalled what he'd done in the hall just a few minuets before, his fists clenched, he let that anger shine through again, but... if Antonio had seen what was on his phone, it would have been awful, it would have been... he couldn't bare to think of it, therefore he crossed it out of his mind.
   Opening up the door slowly, he pulled the plate in and re-shut the door, there were three large pieces of pizza and a little Italian flag on the top, hung by means of a toothpick. It made him smirk to say the least, and when he'd been done with at least two pizzas, he fell back to sleep.
    "What's he doing?"
"He's sleeping..."
    "Okay good.. shut the door.. with silencio.."

   The Prussian and the Spaniard re-entered the living room, Gilbirt sitting on the couch across the way from where Antonio and Francis both sat on two couch-resembling chairs.

    "There is no way... Venenziano doesn't have a brother..."
"Oui! No one, not even he, zaid one thing about it..."
    "But.. they.. they look so much alike..."
"Spain.. you are insane... You know as well as the two of us, that he doesn't have a brother! I grew up with zat boy, he's the most honest person I know..."
    "I grew up around him as well! Need you forget!"
"And he would have at least told Germany, but he didn't he didn't say a single thing about having a brother!"
   "Alright, alright, so he isn't related to him... I heard him talking to someone though... when I'd gone to get a towel..."
   "Everyone talks to zomeone on ze phone smarty pants..."

      It was obvious that his intentions in his words weren't getting across, what if this boy was like them? What if they were met by fate? But that was ridiculous! There was NO way a country could exist without others knowing! He shook the thought away, he was just getting his hopes up, this boy wouldn't last forever..but then again.. neither would Gilbirt. Antonio stared at him, deep in thought, causing Gilbirt to go on edge.

"What damnit!? Stop staring at me!!"
     He threw a pillow at the Spaniard, the oppressed exerting a small 'oof'. Francis sparkled at the thought of a new game, he took part straight away, pulling a pillow out from behind himself, and throwing it in retaliation at Gilbirt.
     "Oh really!?"
Gilbirt got up and did a flip off the back of the couch, hiding behind it where he pulled out pillows and cushions and threw them, only to have them thrown back. Finally the throwing succeeded into plain out rough housing, Francis and Antonio ganging up on Gilbirt and beating him mercilessly with cushions from the couch until they turned on each other and Gilbirt was able to rise and attack yet again.
   This lasted until they brought out some wine and settled down into loud chattering, falling asleep in the living room, each next to each other at the bottom of the couch, Francis sleeping on Antonio's shoulder and Antonio and Gilbirt propping each other up by leaning against one another, their heads against each other's.
    Romano awoke in the morning to find them this way, deciding not to bother them, he made himself some breakfast, and took it in his room to eat alone. Why would he wake the noisiest bunch of people he'd had the most 'honorable pleasure' to meeting? After he was finished eating, he took out a sketch book, at a loss of what to draw... then it came to him, but it was risky.
    He got to his feet, sliding his door open extremely carefully, and creeping back into the living room. He raised a hand and waved it in front of the three sleeping friends, none awoke to it, therefore, he went to work, sketching out the scene before him, and surprisingly, it was one of his best works.
   He hadn't really had a knack for anything, for he never felt it was very useful to learn to do something, when you didn't even have anyone to show it to, but art had always been something he was fascinated with anyway, therefore, he tried it once, and immediately fell in love with it. Being especially good with clay and sketching.
    Whence he was done, and he saw the three begin to stir, he ran off back into his room to perfect his work, listening as each of the three men got ready for college, and left. He was finally alone to enjoy himself, and that he would, for when else would he get the time to? He went through the house picking things up here and there, only to accidentally knock over a vase, which he proceeded in hiding away in the trash can, in which, he finally gave up on the thought of cleaning.
     What else was there to do?
He could bring out his laptop... but what would he do on there?
    Everyone he knew well via the internet, were all in college classes too busy to speak with him at the time. So what could he do to occupy his time? Perhaps... he could go for a walk?
Again. Don't Read This Til After You Read The Chapter

Welcome back everyone ~ <3

This Chapter took FOREVER to write...
Okay I am impatient, it didn't take that long, but for when I was writing it... it was fun~

Don't ask me what's on Romano's phone, I won't tell you, and I will delay the next chapter BWUHAHAHAHAHA
(Just kidding, but I won't tell you.. and no.. its not anything nasty you freaks out there)

This Chapter was filled with:
Manly Pillow Fights, Pizza Owned by Countries, Lies, Secrets, Two Men in a Shower.. seriously.. was France with him?
I don't know >:3

Dates and that beautiful body of water called the ocean!!


Or will it?
Will I set fire to the rain?
I don't know

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