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     The two of them exited into the hallway, and then back into the living room, where they found the Prussian flat on his face and a woman with flowing honey-colored hair with her foot on his cheek, she was also holding a pan, which Romano found a bit odd, but dismissed, since everything here was odd.

"What the hell, was that damn banging on the wall..."
       "Get uff m'face"

  "Dear Elizabeth, I apologize, we just got a new tenant and he didn't know the door stuck..."

   Elizabeth, she seemed fierce, and Lovino couldn't really make out her accent too well, though he hardly found this the time to ask. Basically jumping off of Gilbirt's face, which really seemed painful, 'Elizabeth' walked up to Spain, moving him to the side so she could get a better look at the 'new tenant'.

"Jeeze Liza.. he's an Italian man, and get this, he's twenty three!"

  She looked Lovino Vargas up and down, causing him to feel rather uneasy, sweat dropping from his forehead, looking anywhere but into those vibrantly green eyes possessed by this woman.   

"Its a pleasure.. t'meet you..."

    Elizabeth's heart automatically melted at this boy's shyness, she grabbed him in her arms and twirled him around a couple of times, causing him to feel nauseous, not that he didn't before she'd taken him on that ride.

"He's adorable! That's it! He can't stay here with you pirates... he's coming with me, I'm sure he'd love to be little Lili's friend"

    Gilbirt was up on his feet again, huffing and scowling at Elizabeth, not that she payed him any attention.

   "S-sorry.. but you know the Land Lord's regulations, no guys and girls crossing in dorms..."

"Aw.. shut it Antonio, you know you just want him all to yourself..."

   "That may be, but either way, you couldn't take him even if you wanted to..."

   What did he mean by 'That may be'? Romano didn't take much time to ponder this, as he was still trying to regain his balance and his natural vision of the world, which he wished would just stop spinning.

   "Don't you have classes today?"
"Not today, I mean... I think France might, but Gilbirt and I don't.."
    "Ah.. that's right its a Tuesday, I forgot.."

     How could he live here? How could he live in a building with such strange people? By the sound of it, they weren't the only ones either, he knew they wouldn't be, thinking about that, caused his stomach to lurch, why? Why couldn't these people have been normal? Why? Yet, with that thought, he wasn't all that normal himself, he was a former half of a country, which, was the ultimate lead away from normal, he scoffed, causing the attention to resume on him.

    "Oh! Come to think of it~ You just have to meet Little Lili, Bella, and Natalia! Why don't you come with me?"

   The woman named Elizabeth, with the weird accent Lovino couldn't place, grabbed him by the hand and pulled him toward the door, she was a strong woman, so he really couldn't fight against her, and, it wasn't really in his nature to fight against woman anyway. The two men in the living room watched on as she pulled Romano out, though he longed to beg for their help.

   "Its not good.. that kid is going to find out eventually..."
   "Are you an idiot!? What if he tells other people!? We won't be able to live no-"
"Well that's what we came here for wasn't it? To learn how to be normal..."

     She took him down the stairs, and up some more, entering into an apartment that was next to the one he would reside in for a long while.

   "Hey everyone! Come out here and see ageless boy wonder!"

  What kind of a name? He didn't have a chance to ask before he was tackled, falling back against the nearest wall.

    "Ohmygosh! He is the cutest thing, I have ever seen! He could possibly be cuter than dear little Lili! Where'd you catch this one?"
   "He was with those disgusting boys next door, feh... if we didn't have that stupid rule, I'd keep him hostage!"
   "What the hell? You know, if we were getting dressed in here.. we would have been in trouble."

     Romano looked toward the new voice, a Russian accent? Standing there was a frail girl in a black dress, she had long, near-white but still distinctly blonde hair, and dull blue eyes that scowled at him once they realized he was looking her over, he tried to look else where, but he noticed something, there was someone standing behind this woman. It was another girl, presumably, perhaps she was the one they called Lili?

     "Aw, lay off it Natalia, none of us are naked, and even if we were, at least he'd get a good welcome! I'm Bella by the way, its great to meet someone so cute~ I'm from Belgium"
    "You've already met me, I'm Elizabeth, from Hungary... and those two over there, well, I'll introduce you to them, since they are both a little... eh... shy?"
    "I'm not shy! I just don't have the damn time to introduce myself to a little child.."
"He's not a child, he's twenty-three, now, the one with the sharp tongue is Natalia, and the one hiding behind her.. that's dear Lili... Natalia is from Belarus, and Lili is from Liechtenstein, in other words, we are all really diverse.."
      Natalia rolled her eyes yet again, moving away from in front of the hidden young woman, causing a squeal to come from the young girl as she stood there looking anywhere that wasn't at their guest.
    "Eh... ehm... hello..."
"Hello there..."
     He could tell the poor girl was nervous, and he didn't want to make her feel anymore uncomfortable than she already had, he felt rather sorry for her, that she had to live with such an odd assortment of people.

"Oh.. eh... I don't shake hands.. 'dank you doh...."

  Her speech... was odd.. even for someone from a different country. Sighing, Romano placed his hand back at his side, thankful that the girl named Bella had stopped hugging him and had entered into the nearby kitchen with Elizabeth.

   "You can leave in a second cutie... I just want to give you something to take back to those idiots.. its a fruit basket... I didn't know what you all liked so I put what I can in it..."

    What was she talking about? She didn't even know he had been with them until today, so why was she including him in that sentence? Perhaps it was just a natural thing for Hungarians to include everyone in such a way? Or perhaps it was just natural for them to look to the future instead of the past... even if that future had only just came. He wasn't sure whether he should move or not, thus he just stood there, watching Lili from the corner of his eye, as she went to work helping Natalia clean up. His frontal vision was focused on a table nearest to a window, littered with little nick-knacks and other such trinkets, pictures and such, there was a particular one that struck interest, it was a picture of Bella with Antonio, he seemed to be having a great time in it... why did that stir a bit of jealousy? Romano knocked the feeling away when he was addressed by someone just in front of him. He turned, a large basket pushed into his arms.

"There ya go, I put tomatoes in there... I heard Italians such as yourself love them..."

"How did you know I was Italian?"

"What... S-Antonio said..."

   When he heard the words spoken to him, his cheeks went a little red, at the time, he was looking down and away, and thinking, he didn't mean to say such things aloud, but now that he had, he had to cover them.

"Oh s-sorry, I was actually.. just.. talking to myself! Yeah.. I do it a lot..."

"Mmh.. well.. you should know that Antonio is really good with accents... so if you were wondering about that... oh and also.."

   The woman named Elizabeth came in close to Lovino's ear, making hairs stick up on the back of his neck, what was she doing?

"He's Bella's.. so don't get any ideas..."

   This almost put him on the defense straight away, if it weren't for reprocessing the words in his mind.

"What!?.. N- I'm not g-"

"Mmmh.. whatever.. you should probably go now, stop by anytime you want to get away from those ruffians okay?"

     He was shown to the door, which was opened, and shut for him. There he stood on the small stairway porch for a minuet or so, what did she mean? He didn't like men... that was plain as daylight to realize... so why? Then his thoughts shifted to Antonio, the man had been the only one that seemed to be at least decent to Lovino, he was kind, that was all, that was all the opinion Romano had on him. That was it! He nodded at this thought and walked off, reaching out with some difficulty, for his new home's doorknob when he found it slip away from him, causing him to loose balance, turn on his heel, and fall back, select fruits flying and rolling here and there as he did this motion. He tightened his eyes shut, ready for the impact he should have had with the ground, but.. there was no impact? Opening them, he came face to face with the Spaniard.

"... That was a close one..."

"... e-eeeh!"

   Lovino scrambled to his feet, crouching down so he could pick up the fruit he'd accidentally spilled here and there, placing them swiftly back into the basket. His heart was racing, but he was determined that it was just because of his almost-fall, it was just because of that.. so why had it never done this when he'd almost fallen before? He ignored that thought and continued to pick up the fruits, when suddenly, there was a hand, not owned by him, that picked a fruit up instead. He turned, there was the Spaniard still, picking up the fallen fruits and rearranging them into the Fruits Basket.

"You know.. that really pisses me off that she did this on purpose to you..."

"Wh- what?"

  "Elizabeth is a professional Floral Arranger, she also works with fruits, and she knows damn well which fruits should go on the top, and which ones should go on the bottom.. she also usually uses some pegs to keep them in.. I'm sorry she was rude to you.."

  'Why did this bastard care? He doesn't have to pick them up... if he hates it so much... why doesn't he just walk away?'

"Ey~! You thinking or something? Your face is getting kinda creepy.."

  Romano snapped out of it, shaking himself some.

"S-sorry.. I don't know what came over me..."
    He returned to picking up the fruits, trying his best to escape his thoughts, though he was rather embarrassed for letting them take over to begin with, rather thankful that none of that short little blip had slipped out of his lips.

"Forgive me... but... if you don't want to live here.. if you're uncomfortable then perhaps you should go else where.. to be honest, I didn't think Arthur would have sent someone so normal over here.. eh.. not that you are completely normal! Its ju-"

"No.. I'm staying.. please... I haven't.. anywhere else to go..."

    These words were the instant belief toward Antonio that this boy wouldn't be completely lost here. That this boy had potential to being someone they could get close to, that this boy... had been hiding something, something lonely.

"Ah! Well then.. I think we picked them all up~! France and Prussia left for a while, to go shopping er something... Would you like to help me make some fruit salad?"
     Romano had never been asked to do anything with anyone, in his old home, he was pretty much left alone, he had never even gone to any World Meetings, and his brother was always off with some German man he made deals with... he was never really.. included. Therefore, he decided to give it a try, he nodded innocently, getting to his feet as Antonio did the same, carrying the basket into the house and placing it on the counter, taking certain fruits out and explaining on how good they tasted together. Romano was afraid he was going to mess something up eventually, but, even when he did, the Spaniard took charge and taught him how to do certain things right, and soon enough, Romano did feel slightly... at home.

   "Wow.. you are really great in the kitchen little cocinero.."

"What!? Th-this is my first time in the kitchen to be honest..."
      "Oh really.. well you are quite the wonder..."

' Why is he lying to me like that? Why doesn't he just be honest? I'm terrible...'

"You're lying..."


   Lovino froze.
He'd let that slip, hadn't he?
  Immediately putting what he was doing down, Romano untied his apron, slipped it off and over his head, and placed it on the counter, storming out of the kitchen swiftly to hide away in the back room he'd been given to share. Spain said nothing, he didn't even come for the Italian, instead, he continued what he was doing. Soon, the other two members of the house hold returned home, and Romano, was still awake. He listened as they all chattered, he listened to the rustling of plastic bags, wondering what they'd bought, he listened to laughter he longed to be a part of, in some odd way he'd never seen before.   Tossing and turning, he settled to where he could hear them down that small hall, he could hear them complimenting the Fruit Salad and...

"Wow.. you made all this on your own? Jeeze.. you really get busy Sp-"
   "Shhh.. he could still be awake.."
"Oui~ And we wouldn't want to... wake.. him if he's not.."
    "Anyway.. he helped me make it, he was really quite the amazing chef~"
"Really? That little runt in there?"
     "Well... whatever.. lets pop open some wine oui? No sense in wasting the night..."

       It was a long time before the Prussian stumbled into the room, throwing his clothing, except for his boxers of course, every which way and slipping onto his futon, which had been left out from that morning. He fell asleep immediately, as for Romano....
Only Read On If You Read The Chapter Already~ <3
This chapter seemed to take me a while,
I have to tell you that the end of it,
When Romano was listening to what was going on in the kitchen, I've had that before... there were many nights when I was young that I would lie awake and listen as my grandmother entered into the house with my elder sister...

I longed to be with them, but...

Also, when my mum worked late and came home in the dead of night, or when my father came in with her occasionally, after going and retrieving her from her job.

Its one of those small keypoints in my story that I put in there for a reason...


These chapter seemed to be going well!
Though this one was a bit hard to process.. why?
Well... I don't know, it just seemed like a running one and I ended up erasing more than half the whole thing and redoing it because it was terrible sounding xD

I've already been working on Chapter 3 you see... why?
Because there is some hilarious stuff at the beginning of Chapter 3 when Romano awakens in the morning... you'll just have to wait and find out ~ <3


Happy Birthday to Dear Prussia from Hetalia
I drew some stuff in honor finally, but it probably wont be put up til tomorrow OTL

Love ya Prussia~
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