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A love ever lasting, is a painstaking thing to find.. it can take numerous tries before you find the actual one, and now a days, people either give up, rush into it, or are too cautious... take your time to find the other half of your puzzled life, and.. never believe that there is no one for you, chances are, they may be feeling the same way.

    It felt like years before Romano awoke, and when he did, he was both startled, and somewhat in bliss, to find that Spain was lying there next to him, an arm over Romano's chest, whilst the other was under his own head. He was just laying there, on top of the blanket whilst Romano was under it, it was not surprising at all that Spain had fallen asleep, he'd had many restless nights when he was lead to believe Lovino Vargas was dead. Carefully, Romano placed a hand lightly above the Spaniard's hair, just enough to feel a light brush of the silky strands, he would have placed it there completely, if it hadn't been for the thought that came to him.. they.. kissed.
           Romano's body immediately turned cold at this realization, and he knew he had to get away. Cautiously, he removed Spain's arm from around him and slipped out of the bed, but, it was in vain, for right when Romano had been slipping a fresh shirt on, Spain felt the sense that something was a miss and had awoken, staring dazed at Romano, who, proceeded in bolting for the bedroom's door. This woke Spain fully, and he reached out for Romano, loosing his balance and falling face first off the bed. This was Romano's chance, he finally got the door open, and made a run for it.
   Getting to his feet, Spain shook himself and hurried after Romano, whom he found struggling with the back door, it seemed no doors would open for him today. Romano knew he was screwed when he saw Spain approaching from the corner of his eye, and that he was, Spain wrapped his arms around Romano's chest from behind, causing Romano to immediately struggle.

   "Lemme Go!! Stupid bastard! Let go!"

  Spain ignored the tone and the threats, pulling Romano into the nearby Living Room and pushing him onto the sofa there. Romano looked around frantically for an exit, but Spain already knew what he was doing.

"Cut it out already!"

   Romano stopped looking around now, he stopped moving completely, instead, he stared at Spain, the anger in his voice, why was he.. so angry?

"Please.. stop.. running from me! You make me wish I.. I'd never.."

   It was true, Spain showed how he truly felt in that alleyway, and basically got scolded for it. Romano now felt as though he were awful, and that he was...he was a terrible person. Then again, maybe it was Spain's fault, maybe he shouldn't have kissed Lovino.. yet... weren't things better this way? For a long time Romano had so many mixed feelings about his boss, and now, he didn't have to hold onto them, because he finally knew why. He... really loved the Spaniard. Romano suddenly put a hand to his mouth, gagging some, causing Antonio to flinch.

"A-Are you going to be sick!? Quick, get to the bathro-"

"T... Tiamo..."

   Those words. Were they? Were they what Spain thought he heard? Or were they something else!? He froze there, unsure of what to say or do, afraid he might upset Romano more than he needed to be.

"R-Roma.. what.. what did you just?"

"Don't make me repeat it you stupid bastard!"

"But I-"

"I said I love you alright!?"

   Looking at Romano's face, Spain found, that even under the bangs and hidden eyes, Romano was red. Redder than he'd ever imagined one person could become, and it made Spain.. laugh. It was a slow laugh at first, but then it got faster and faster and louder and louder, til it was a full blown, continuous, laughter.

"C-Cut it out!"

Spain continued.

"I knew I should have never said anything!! Damnit! I hate you!"

   With this, Romano got up and darted for the back door again, only to be caught up in Spain's arms once more. Spain put his lips to the side of Romano's ear and whispered;

"Now that's not very nice... I haven't gotten a chance to tell you Te Amo back.."

   Romano's blushing returned, he was filled with so many emotions right now, sadness, anger, relief, joy...



"I'm going to.. throw up.."

"O... Ohgod! Quick! The bathroom!"

   In a room that lead into the Living Room, a young girl was watching and listening, smiling every so often at the conversation between the two men she knew well. She was happy for her cousin, and though her heart still burned over the fact that Antonio was not hers, she was happy for him as well.

For this particular name in the series yes... completely? NOPE!

There will be one last Chapter named:

The Trip That Was A Good Idea

Explaining why the trip actually turned out to be the right thing, and all about Romano's return to the World Meetings and to existence.. n' all that jazz... ALSO about Spain telling France and Prussia about Romano and his first kiss (over exaggerated of course)

I really tried to capture Spain and Romano extremely well in these past chapters, with a little bit of PirateSpain and ChibiRomano on the sides.. I know I didn't do it the BEST but I feel very accomplished in this particular story ~

I am really sad that it has come to a close, and I hope all of you will look forward to that last Chapter~

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kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A happy ending for most
maddyxllama Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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Calm down ... there WILL be more.. ONE more

medzkitty Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012
I'm going to die after the next chapter! My mind will say, 'You should check to see if PokeFox posted the next chapter!' and then I'll get all excited, and then, my mind will be like, 'Oh. Yeah. Darn. Oh well! Read it over again!' CX
PokeFox Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
There there *patpat*

Its not the end of my writing as you all know it.. its just.. the end of this chapter story~
medzkitty Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012
That's true! I love your other stuff, too, so that's consulation!
cristal-cut Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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~ <3
akume-no-kame Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Im SO exited
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I'm happy that you are ^^
akume-no-kame Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i still have to draw for this chapter huh....
PokeFox Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd love to see what you come up with~ <3
akume-no-kame Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
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