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November 21, 2011
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"You know what... I hate women..."
   Prussia picked up his beer glass, taking three more big gulps before returning it to the table with a bang of frustration.
    "This place is... interesting... so why did you invite me here anyway?"
"Thought you needed a day out, you're always pent up in that big house, figured you'd enjoy some time away..."

   To be completely frank, a German bar really wasn't the place for a Noble such as Austria. There were too many fights, to many drunk people arguing over who should have won the football match. France was one of the people arguing, and Spain, he was more of a happy drunk for the most part, telling everyone they're wonderful and other such gestures.
    "But anyway, I'm telling you, I should just stop trying with women..."
           "What for?"
   "Belarus... she's clingy, then she's not, and she easily gets pissed..."
        "You should have realized that from the beginning, everyone knew she was that way..."
   "Yeah... but it sucks worse cause I love her..."
       "Ah.. I see..."

  Prussia took a pause, watching the Foot Ball match before turning back to Austria with a devious smile.

    "So what's going on between you and Hungary...huh?"

   Austria was immediately on the defense.
      "What!? How could you imply such things, we're just good friends... besides she has been with Romania a lot lately..."
         "No way! She completely hates him! I'm sure even you knew that about her!"
    With this, Austria lay his chin on the table, tapping at a beer glass, the first he'd gotten, completely full still.

     "Well... have you made any moves on her?"
"What!? I am a respec..."
   "Yeah yeah, I get it, a respectable Gentleman, whatever... but you gotta remember, that Hungary wants a challenge, I figured that one out the hard way..."

    Prussia got up and joined France and Spain at the Bar stools to order another beer and watch the game at a closer range. It left Austria alone, but that didn't matter, he had planned to slip off soon anyway.

    The bell that let everyone know someone new was entering rung just as Austria was standing up, in came Hungary and Romania, Romania hanging up his coat and leaving Hungary alone to hang up her own, something that agitated Austria. The pair of them joined Prussia and the others, completely oblivious to Austria's presence.

Just as Romania turned his head, he was punched straight in the cheek, causing him to fall to the wood flooring.
   "What the hell!?"
"You hang up a ladies' coat!"
"Come, we need to talk..."
    Austria left the bar, Hungary lingering back for a second.

"You were right Prussia, that did work..."
   "No problem..."
"Hey! You didn't tell me he was going to punch me straight in my jaw!"
    "Yeah, yeah, here's you're money..."
  Rolling her eyes, Hungary grabbed her jacket, and was out the door.

    "Y... you didn't have to punch him, it was just a jacket..."
"What do you see in him anyway!?"
    Hungary couldn't answer that, they'd just hired him and she had spread rumors that the two of them had been going out.
   "... I was surprised.. to see you in a German bar.."
"Yeah, well.. I was forced to go."
    Hungary moved to the front of Austria, in a swift swishing movement, bringing his face in close to hers with a hand on the back of his head. Though she'd brought him in, he kissed her on his own, causing her to let go of his locks in bliss, as he put his hands to her cheeks, they were cold but, she didn't care.
    Meanwhile, hidden behind a thick lamppost, a certain pair of red eyes watched on, their presence aided by a large smile.
So, I was VERY upset, because I was writing a story about Austria and Hungary using DA's Add Text.. thing.. and I suddenly got distracted by Glee (damn show T---T) but when I looked back, the story had completely vanished!

Its not the first bad luck I've had when writing about Austria... seriously, he's cursed with me, or.. something...

Anyways, when I rewrote a new one on Wordpad, I went a completely different direction than the first, which, I'm pretty okay with, cause I don't completely hate this one... ^^

Romania, I am sorry, xD

I wanted to write some AWESOME stuff for Romania because I'd read about him and such, but I didn't, instead I used him somewhat as a Prop, which sucks, cause he's shweet...

Well that's all
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KarLouiie Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
I Love this so much, Austria punching Romania just made ROFL so hard! :iconawesomefaceplz:
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How nice of Prussia to get Austria with Hungary ^ ^
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He cares about Hungary a LOT, thus he wanted to aid her ^^
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I see Austria as one to be VERY uptight about something like that~
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