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October 26, 2011
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    S. Italy, Romano stared at himself through means of a bathroom mirror, door locked tight so he couldn't be interrupted. The face starring back at him rather repulsed him, for it shifted and transformed into the face of his grandfather, a man he wasn't too fond of. Romano looked so much alike to his grandfather's complexion, more than the ever-so favorite Venenizano, his hair-color, his eyes, even if he'd smiled now and again it would probably closely resemble his grandfather's mischievous-yet-cheeky grin. Sighing, he splashed cold water from the faucet underneath said mirror, onto his face and wiped it away with a nearby cloth. He turned back to the mirror, exhaling an exasperating sigh yet again, when suddenly, there came a knock at the bathroom door.
   "Lovi, there's a man here to see you, he's uhm... well.."
   Romano rolled his eyes at being called 'Lovi' a pet name Spain had given him a long while back. Opening the door, he came face to face with the Tomato lover whom had cared for Romano for many more years than Romano first expected they'd be together. Saying nothing, no greetings, Romano walked right past Spain and headed for the front door, Spain close at heels. Apparently, the man whom had come to see Romano had let himself in, the sight of him causing Romano to stop in his trek.
   "Oh... MyRomano! You're so big!"
"What... what the hell are you doing here.."
Romano turned away to glance at the crevices between walls and the floor, gritting his teeth and making Spain a bit uneasy.
   "Do you not feel well Romano? Is that why you spent so much time in the bathroom just now?"
    "Oh... you wear glasses now!? You look very carino!"
    The Roman Empire, someone Romano wasn't fond of in the least, stood there before him, walking forward to outreach a hand readying to pat Romano's head in a caring maneuver.
"Don't touch me! And stop the crap! Why are you here!?"
Romano was immediately on the defense, backing away swiftly and almost bumping into Spain, whom was currently feeling a bit invisible between the fray.
    "I... I can't see my Romano now and again? I miss you my amor~"
"Just shut up, you wouldn't visit me without some damn intention, what do you want? Why don't you go play with Italy!?"

  Grandpa Rome stood there now, turning away to observe the sky outside.

"You know... its a really beautiful day.."

   Romano's burning glare was now siring through his grandfather. The glare scared Spain some, as he'd felt its mighty power before, but he was astounded to find it didn't effect Grandpa Rome at all, a true amazement to say the least.

"but... Speaking of your brother... how is he?"

   Romano knew it, he knew deep in his mind that Grandpa Rome had merely come searching for Venenziano.

   "Just go ask him... he's still with that potato-eating bastard..."
"Ah, alright then... farewell, its good to see you're doing well Romano..."

   Grandpa Rome proceeded in walking out the door, as he shut it, a stinging feeling came over Romano, a hurt feeling, one he usually didn't let consume him, as he'd given up on most people.
Things were silent and frozen for a moment or two, Spain unsure of what he should say.

"H.. hey.. mi amo.."
"Just... leave me alone.."

   Romano turned round to face Spain. His head down as he hit shoulders with the poor confused soul who'd only wanted to make Romano feel better.

   Spain stood there alone now, rubbing his shoulder.
"What did I do?"

   He knew it wasn't best to disturb Romano when he was in this sort of mood, therefore, he left him alone for most of the afternoon, not seeing him at lunch was when he decided to go in search of Romano.

"L.. Lovi?"

   Entering his own room after being at a loss of finding Romano anywhere else, Spain spotted a mound in his bed. He walked over to the left side from where he could see what the mound was, and as expected, it was Romano. His face was drenched from eyes down, the pillow in a similar state.

"Oh Romano..."

   Antonio put a hand gently on the boy's head, petting through strands of hair lightly.
Romano turned in his sleep some, burying his face into the soggy pillow before muttering the words Spain listened to closely;

"Don't... leave me alone..."

"I.. I never will.. not completely."
So its snowing, I was playing in it...

and I REALLY wanted to write up this story...

Its a form of what I was telling my little sister the other night before we went off to sleepy-land~

I happen to like this story, because Spain lies to Romano a little... eh... you'll maybe understand what I mean about that later~~
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Writing another story about Lovi and Spain right now xD
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