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"Dear Wishing Well,
Please send a knight my way, someone graciously beautiful, someone kind, someone that will hold me all night long, just to show me I am not alone..."
     The sound of a wish hitting the water ruminated in an empty garden, perhaps.. it was just your imagination.

"Ohno! I'm late!"
   Kiku Honda wasn't one to be late, and he hadn't been once since the beginning of the school year, and though it wouldn't bother the teachers at all if he was tardy for one day, it would bother him. His perfect record was all he had, he was expected heavily upon, everyone was looking to him to succeed, and he was certain he was going to. Though to him, the only way to do this, is to be on his best behavior, which included, being on time always. He paused to catch his breath, the cold morning air nipping at him and playing with his flushed cheeks. The reason he was going to be late, was because of an unexpected downpour of the day that passed, he hadn't brought an umbrella, and didn't want to be late getting home, thus he ran in the rain. Kiku Honda wasn't the richest person on earth, thus he'd only had enough money to buy one school uniform. When he woke in the morning he'd found that it still hadn't dried, and had spent a lot of the morning trying to dry the rest of it with a hair dryer, naturally it didn't work as he'd hoped. His uniform was still highly damp and the time of the morning, had been taken away from him.
      The three minuet bell sounded, and he panicked, breath still gone, as he wasn't the 'athletic' type. Never the less, he started off in a run again, glad no one was around to see his foolishness, when he turned the corner, he found himself on the ground, his butt sore, along with his head.
He stated lightly as he rubbed the sore area on his skull.
    "I'm quite sorry about that!"
He looked up, his deep brown eyes clashing with vibrant green ones. The green of many emeralds, the green one would hope they could recreate in an art class, though they knew that wasn't possible, for the color was that amazing and unattainable. He'd never seen this boy, in fact, what did the rest of him look like? The eyes had been so entrancing, that Kiku hadn't had the chance to look at any other features.
    "Here.. let me help you up,"
A hand was offered and Kiku shrunk back from it, looking at it and its own beauty. The light and gentle fingers that ran from this man's palm, the beautiful lightness of the skin, the round nails that peaked lightly out from the skin. This was truly a gentle hand, a hand of a kind stranger that had done no wrong.
    "Uhm.. its okay, I don't bite you know.."
These are the words that snapped Kiku back to reality, causing him to realized he'd been staring at this boy's hand for about two minuets, and realize that the bell had rung.
   "Oh! Ohn-no.."
Kiku turned to sit on his legs, picking up the notebooks he'd dropped, he went to reach for one that was his personal favorite, only to see that gentle hand reach down and pick it up in a very old-fashioned sort of way. It wasn't as though someone was just walking by and recklessly picked up the book, this man did it in an artistic way, a way long since forgotten by much of society, a way Kiku had always dreamed of seeing when he read books that told him about it, or watched movies where a gentleman from old times reached out to graciously grab a ladies' coat.
     "Wow.. you like to draw?"
Kiku snapped from the fantasies and thoughts he was having, looking up to see that the newcomer was rummaging gently through the book's contents. He reached up quickly and snatched his book away, placing it on top of the others and looking to the side, hiding away under his bangs, blushing lightly.
    "Sorry, you.. you don't have to show me, I shouldn't have been so recklessly nosy.."
Kiku watched the man's facial features now, they were all so detailed, all so, certain of the emotions he wanted to have. Could it be that he found the type of person he'd been looking for, someone so beautiful, someone old fashioned and gentle, whilst still modern and free.
   "Ey.. the bell.. I just remembered, we're late.."
Kiku jumped at the thought, he was late, this was bad, he'd never been late, he'd never even been absent for a single day since he'd started school, this was bad, what were his parents going to think?
  "Come with me then.. "
It was only then that he realized his navy blazer's arm was being tugged, and that he himself was walking along with the blonde boy. Blonde, had he only now realized it? That this boy was blonde? Odd, he hadn't really looked at the boy yet. Kiku let his eyes inspect the boy, running up and down him, his arms weren't extremely muscular, that was a good thing, if they'd ever hugged Kiku wouldn't be crush- what was he thinking!? Hugged!? This boy was only being a kind stranger, it wasn't like this would go any further than that. Kiku quickly pushed the thoughts out of his mind and continued to walk along with the boy, wondering where they were headed.
   "This is your class right? I saw it on one of your books.."
Kiku nodded, finding his voice was completely missing, hiding in his typical manor, behind his long rectangular bangs.
    "Alright then.. hey.. trade jackets with me.."
Kiku jumped, looking up at the boy in question.
   "Yours is damp... its pretty cold out, I wouldn't want you to get sick Mister Honda,"
The man winked at him and he wondered why, never the less, he complied, placing his books on the ground and taking his jacket off, offering it to the boy, not wanting any trouble over the matter.
   "Take mine for the day..."
The boy offered Kiku his blazer in turn for Kiku's own. Though he was hesitant about taking someone else's clothes, he took the jacket and slipped it on, it was about the same size, a bit bigger, only his fingers poking out from the sleeves, much like a Chinese man he knew that bought his blazer a size too big.
   "There we are.. now.. pick up your things and step in.."
The gentle man opened the door for Kiku, and Kiku stepped in, the teacher, along with the rest of the class, all turning to him as if he were some foreign contaminate they had to exterminate. Then the kind blonde boy stepped in behind him, the teacher smiling.
   "Ah Kirkland.. what business do you bring?"
"No business, Honda-san was out with me, so his tardiness should be excused Miss.."
  "Oh but of course, no problem at all, thank you Arthur.."
The class and the teacher turned back to their usual routines.
   "Being the Head Boy of the school has its perks.."
Arthur whispered into Kiku's ear, the soft feel of his warm breath upon Kiku's neck, causing Kiku to blush a bit again.
  "Well, I'll be on my way then ~ Pardon,"
The blonde boy left, and Kiku stood there for a moment staring at the door, before hearing the call of one of his friends, an Italian firecracker, whom of which he nodded to, and joined. That night, as he lay in his bed, his blue pajamas snug on his previously showered body, he pulled the blazer from where he'd hung it on his bed post and pressed the fabric to his nose, the scent of the sea swarmed into his nostrils and consumed his senses, there was also, the slightest hint, of roses.
   What was he doing? Why was he so captured like this? Why is it this newcomer, had captured his heart like this? He was a fool. The boy probably didn't even think the way he himself did, and whats worse, the boy probably wasn't of 'that' persuasion. Kiku sighed, the thought of a melancholy crush like this one was enough to make him want to scream, not that he would participate in something so childish. His eyes began to water, and he drifted off into sleep, the scent of the coat still heavy in his nose, and heart.
  The next day was a day off. Kiku was glad, that meant he could catch up on his studies and actually get some homework done, as soon as his stomach was full of food and he was ready with a glass of water, he sat down at his small desk, to hit the books. Just as he raised his pencil, his cell phone wrang, he turned to it and looked on the small screen to see who was calling, it was an unknown number. He answered it.
"Uhm... ello there.. M-mister Honda.."
  His heart skipped a beat and his eyes widened, his hand beginning to shake.
"You still there?"
   "Oh.. hai.."
"Uhm.. well, think is, I forgot my phone in the blazer I gave you.. I was wondering if I could come over and get that from you.. and.. I was wondering if you might like to go out to lunch with me.. if you're up for it.."
   Kiku's heart was beating rapidly, hurting his chest from its unnatural pace.
"... hai."
  "Alright then! I'll be there in a bit, your jacket has the address on it so.. see you then!"
After that he hung up.
   Kiku sat there for a moment, trying to process what had just happened. They were.. going out? When it had finally digested in his mind, he got to his feet and walked over to his closet, sliding it's door open and looking through his casual clothes. He supposed that the sleeveless turtleneck that he was wearing was good enough, and the black jeans he wore with it weren't bad at all, not in his opinion. He heard the doorbell ring, thankful that today, nobody was home. He slipped his slippers off at the door step, and slipped on some outdoor shoes, sliding the front door open to see Arthur standing there awaiting him.
   "Ello there ~ Have my phone?"
Kiku nodded simplistically, a red blush running across his face as he reached into his pocket and handed Arthur his phone.
  "Thank you, ready to go?"
Another nod, too shocked that he was going out with the man of perfection to say anything.
   "Alright then, lets head out!"
Kiku walked a step behind Arthur, letting the taller being lead the way. He talked a lot, not that Kiku heard any of it, he was just so overly ecstatic to be out with the person he'd been dreaming about secretly.
    They got into the town and Arthur wasted no time to tell Japan about every little thing, even though he knew well of them all, he didn't question why he was being given a tour, he just decided to go with it. Then he was bought ice cream, the sweetest ice cream because it was from someone he secretly felt deeply for...then the fun ended.
    "Yo Arthur! Is that you!?"
An even taller man, in a bomber jacket, who was he? Kiku knew he looked familiar, then it hit him, it was Alfred F. Jones from his third period, an obnoxious boy that liked to blurt out foolish nonsense constantly in class, delaying the teacher's teachings.
   "Yeah, its me, how are you Alfred..."
"I'm fricken fantastic! What you out here for?"
Arthur's voice was filled with agitation, he glanced back at Kiku who smiled lightly, slightly glad that Arthur wasn't too pleased to be talking with the new coming boy.
  "Oh! You're showing the foreign exchange student around?"
Kiku's blood went cold. Foreigner? He'd lived here his whole life.
   "Well yeah, as the new head boy, I have to make sure I know everyone, and take care of the new students..."
   That's what this was? He was just, being hospitable to a 'new student?' Was he racist to think that Kiku.. was a foreigner? It was then that Kiku realized. No one wanted to give him the time of day, because they liked him. It was then that he realized, he'd been a fool. A fool for thinking that someone so utterly beautiful, could want him. He turned and ran off as quickly as he could, heading for home.
   "Ey! Honda-san!"
It was too late, he was already gone. He was already hurt.   
  The phone wrung, about five different times, but not once did he think about picking it up, he just wanted to hide away, he just wanted to be left alone. What a stupid idea, to fall for someone because of how perfect they 'seemed'. He wanted to vanish, he was going to, he was going to give it all in and stop dreaming, once and for all.
     "What? He still isn't here?"
"I'm afraid not Arthur.. any particular reason you've been looking for him?"
    "Yeah... I'm.. worried I might've offended him miss.."
"Ah, no, someone like you? I don't think that's the case ~"
"If he comes around, I'll be sure to let you know..."
   "Thanks Miss."
Why wasn't he at school? Why hadn't he been for a week now? It was really beginning to worry Arthur, though he knew it would be foolish for him to randomly visit, especially without permission. He'd called Kiku's house over fifty times since their last encounter, hoping he would answer so that he could set things straight, but unfortunately, not a single soul answered. The thought that no one answered, made Arthur wonder, was Kiku all alone in that huge house? Was he sick, uncared for? These thoughts were more than he could stand, he wanted to suck it up, and go visit the small Japanese boy he'd recently met. Then a different sort of thought occurred, more than a thought, it was a memory.

      "Big brother!"
"Gah! D-don't jump out at me like that please.."
  "Sorry, but you're always so solitary, looking deep into these silly books,"
The young girl took the informational item from Kiku's hands and twirled around with it as he begged her to be careful, because it was an old artifact he was only 'borrowing', in other words, he'd stolen it to read it, something unbecoming of one such as Kiku Honda. From behind a pillar, a pair of emerald eyes watched in wonderment.
   "Meimei please!"
"Oh fine ~ Here.."
    She let go of the old book and Kiku quickly caught it, in fear it might hit the ground and tear.
"You spend way too much time reading you know.. why don't you try writing for once.."
   "You know I am not into fantasy and that is what most authors write these days..."
"You used to be! I used to read you fairy tales all the time! What happened..."
    "Fairy tales are for childish kids Mei.."
"... mmh.."
    For some reason, hearing those words from the boy that always seemed to be dreaming, staring off into space with those amazingly deep brown eyes, stung Arthur a little.

      So what was it? Why was he having that flashback no- was it because.. before.. that is when he started to hate Kiku Honda? Back then, those words had offended his magical friends, it took nearly two days to calm the creatures, so maybe that is why he was so cold toward the boy. He knew well that Kiku wasn't a foreigner, he was only trying to hurt the boy, only now had he realized he'd succeeded. At first he'd planned to take Kiku out on a small date for a while, because Venenziano, a loud boy in school, let it slip that Japan liked Arthur, and then break the boy's heart. Yet, when he was spending that small time with the boy, he came to find that, there was a part of him, that had fallen for Kiku again. Just as he had years ago. He'd made... a terrible mistake.
    He wrang the doorbell, no answer, he wrung it again, no answer.
"Kiku! I know you are here! Where else would you be!?"
     "Go away... please..."
"Kiku, I just want to talk! If this is about what happened before with Alfred I jus-"
   The door slid open and a thin character stood there, his eyes blood-shot and filled with an anger Arthur had never thought possible for someone such as Kiku to obtain.
    "You think this is about you!? My parents... th-they.."
  Once again he'd been a fool, even more so, he was just standing there now, his eyes wide, his mouth slightly ajar, afraid to say any more because he might end up only offending again. He decided to act, he quickly reached out and pulled Kiku into a tight hug, cradling the smaller boy's head with his hand. Kiku tried his best to struggle, to get away from the grasp, but he was so tired of trying to fight back tears that had longed to escape, he was too tired to get away.
   "Let me go! Let me go this ins-"
"You don't have to fight alone anymore!"
     At these words, Kiku finally gave in, his arms went limp and he lay against Arthur, crying onto the boy's school uniform.  
     "I will be good! I-I promise.. so.. so please b-bring them-"
"Shhh... its okay.. it'll be okay.."

   It took some time for Kiku to recuperate, but thankfully, Arthur and his brother, Alfred, were generous enough to take him in. Arthur explained the entire endeavor of his intentions behind the date, and oddly enough Kiku didn't get upset, he merely smiled and said he would have done the same thing, even if he probably wouldn't have. It came time for the school year to end, and officially going out Kiku and Arthur, were at the end-of-the-year festival together, Arthur guiding the way, Kiku smiling in his usual manor, a warm, beautiful night.
        "So what is that thing you are wearing called again?"
"Its a Kimono.. in Japan.. they are what people wear to festivals ~"
   "Look who's getting in touch with his family line~"
"Well.. yes.. I want to learn as much about my parents as I can.. seeing as they are gone now.."
   Kiku flashed Arthur a smile, and Arthur wondered how he could so easily do that, how could he smile like that when he'd lost his family? Then, Arthur concluded, it wasn't a thing to question, it was a gift to cherish.
    "Hey look at that! Would you like a fish Kiku!?"
Kiku was pulled along by the over-joyed English man, though it didn't bother him, he liked to be guided, rather than be the one doing the guiding, it made him feel cared for. By the end of the night, Kiku hadn't gotten a single fish, though he told Arthur it was the thought that counted. The count down to the end of the school year was going off, and the sky would soon be filled with a beautiful array of fireworks.
    "... if this was New Years.. what would you wish for?"
Kiku looked to Arthur as he heard the question, tilting his head a bit at it, he then sent another smile and whispered in Arthur's ear; "This."
   The lights vanished, but as fireworks went high into the sky, flashing out their bright colors, it was clear what Kiku had meant, as the English boy's lips were now locked with his, a perfect kiss to end a beautiful night. As they kissed, Kiku could have sworn, he'd seen a fairy, giving him a thumbs up.

I wrote this.. because.. I suddenly had an urge to write and a dear awesome friend of mine told me to write about AsaKiku ~

It was what I needed ~

I had fun writing this story, something I haven't had fun doing in a while ~~

I am very pleased with how it turned out, the beginning was because of the song;
"Call Me Maybe"

The rest panned out from that inspiration ~
I hope all you rare AsaKiku fans out there like this ~!

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Grazie Sicily ~

And yeah, it is my style.. I feel like if I stay too long on a certain thing, I will loose interest in readers ^^
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