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"Are we done now?"
"You know, a lot of your land is being taken by Poland, I'm sure he'd have a place for you to live for a while.."
   "Screw that, no way am I staying with anyone prissier than west..."
"Then what about staying with him?"
     He could've done that, he could've lived with West and not complained, but, his pride wouldn't let him do that, for he knew he'd eventually dissolve into a series of anguish, they said that loosing one's country always hurt, especially if you were to stay in said country as it was devided to those who would be its new possessors. For now, he was able to roam the streets, flashing smiles to unsuspecting strangers whom merely gave him scowls in return.
       It was the first sign that the world was a cruel place, perhaps there was no where, where the world wasn't cruel, whether you be a country or a regular person living a daily life... for if you are a country, all is decided for you, and you can't do a single thing to help, but yet, if you are a person, all you can do is watch the government, the rulers take control, and you can barely do a thing to stop it either. It was a terrifying perspective, but one the Prussian took full sight of.
         That night, Gilbirt slept on cold concrete, not completely alone, for his bird was at his aid, and he was thankful to at least have this small creature's company on such a blistering cold night. As he lay there, he thought about returning to his mansion, but he knew, there would be no one waiting for him there, for he wasn't allowed any more luxuries. A few days passed, no one bothered to speak to the man that sat outside the abandoned building, for what was he to them? Its not like they knew who he was anyway, why should they care? If they gave this man money, he'd most likely spend it on beer... right? Not even his friends knew where he'd gone, they'd assumed he'd gone to live with someone, but who?
     "Leave the country Gilbirt! It'll hurt less on recoil if you do!"
"No... I plan to stay here til its fully not Prussia anymore,"
     "Idiot! You'll die of sickness! Where have you been staying anyway boy!?"

    At that point, Gilbirt had already run out of the meeting, and even though he knew staying in the country as it was completely transformed would hurt to the point that he would no longer be able to live, it didn't matter. He might as well die, for he'd lost his grip on something so greatly important, as well as the one he loved, for now, she would live on as he was forced by nature, to grow old.
  He'd been an idiot.
     When the pain began, it started as a mild stomach ache and a slight head cold, yet these two symptoms multiplied over time and soon, he couldn't eat, or drink. He was vomiting things that weren't there, feeling pain he'd never knew existed, he was dying. He couldn't even take a moment to rest and escape these aches and pains, and soon, there was nothing he could do but lie there gripping his stomach and begging the world to make it stop. Yet there was still someone there who refused to leave, even though they had the free will to go off and nourish themselves, and before he completely lost his mind, he had to set this someone free.
    "Gil-Gilbird.. leave..."
        It was a last resort, he didn't want his only companion seeing him die like this, he didn't want the small creature to stay around, even when he was gone. The bird was hesitant until finally, it flew off. It came as a shock to Prussia, he'd somewhat hoped the bird would have been a little harder to rid of, but, he watched his dear friend, leave. The pains and desires to escape them grew worse and worse over the next weeks, then at last, they vanished, he'd endured them. Yet his endurance was in vain, he was broken.
    He was now a shell, nothing more than a soulless being lost in an abyss of forever vanishing.
       "I can rest now... I can rest..."
Darkness was swarming into him, his vision fading.
    "All I have to do is rest... then I'll be fine..."
He was wrong, if he rested now, in what was once Prussia, he would never awaken.
     There was suddenly a scream, and the sound of footsteps rushing up. All he could manage was moving his eyes, which burned as he did.
    "Ohm-... Zat can't be him!"
"Gilbird wouldn't have lead us here if it wasn't!"
   "No one's so stupid to stay in their own dissoliving country like zis.."
"France silencio! Hungary, help me get him up, and be careful..."

     "Hey... Spain... we gotta talk.."
"What is it?"
   The man in the kitchen was washing dishes, shirtless, smiling in his typical manor.
"He... won't make it you know..."
    The washing stopped, the man just standing there for a few minuets, stationary in the way he didn't move, or breathe, then the washing resumed.
    "What do you mean Gilbirt..."
"Remember.. how it was for me..."
    "Si... but that won't happen, he's not in Ita-"
"It doesn't matter! He'll still get sick... it won't be as bad, but with his condition right now, he'll surely end u-"
   "Shut up Prussia!"
A dish dropped from the mans hand as he turned, it shattering on the cold hard ground bellow.
    "You don't think I know that!? You don't think I've been worried sick!?"
Prussia was a bit frightened now, he knew how Spain could be, and it wasn't a pretty thought, it was more like a bone chilling one.
    "I just...."
The Spaniard leaned against the sink before him now, a hand to his forehead to keep him up there.
      "You... have feelings for him.. don't you?"
  Spain wanted to protest, but instead, he didn't move, afraid that if he did it would give all away.
        "Jeeze you two, why can't it ever be just 'Good Morning'?"
It was France in the hallway, entering into the kitchen and grabbing himself a mug, ignoring all the glass. He proceeded in walking over to the coffee maker and pouring himself some, maneuvering over to the fridge and pulling out some French Vanilla Creamer.
    "So.. do you mon ami?"
"Wha- You too France!?"
    "But of course, I want to know jus as much az ze next guy~"
Spain rolled his eyes and when back to the dishes.
    "It would make sense, and it would explain why you haven't gone zo far with Belg-"
"Hey!! That's because I am a gentleman! And I wouldn't go that far with that boy in their either!"
   "Ah... so you do like him..well Prussia.. zer's your ans-"
The French man and the Spaniard turned to see the Prussian leaning over the table fast asleep, and they decided... it was best not to wake him.
This Chapter is Very Short.
I'm sure you all know why by now.
But just because I am under the weather doesn't mean I'll stop writing, writing is one of my passions, I love it very very much, and I wouldn't let you all down like that either way.

This Chapter was important because, it shows the depth that is Prussia... yup... so much depth~

Now I really should be going, I just shoved a piece of apple pie in my mouth and... for some reason, its stinging my tongue... you know me... stupid.. crazy... whatever ~
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