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    Friday already? Romano grumbled as he heard his phone alarm sound, he wasn't a morning person, that was certain. Reaching over, the muscles in his arm tensed and pleaded for him to stop moving, never the less, he had to turn it off, in fear it would awaken the albino in the room, or worse, his pet bird. He heaved a long-overdue sigh and pushed himself up, much to the dismay of his body, which pleaded him to lay back down, instead of daring the bitter cold of the crisp morning. His nights in the house had gotten better, it seemed that once the bird was used to him, it didn't coo as much, it also didn't hurt that he went to bed earlier than Gilbirt now either.
       He got to his feet, hearing the floor beneath him creak a bit, it was wood after all, what could one expect? The loud sound of the wood adjusting itself made the Prussian man stir, but thankfully, he stayed asleep, a great relief to our main protagonist. All through the house was quiet, and it was rather enjoyable to be alone in the silence of darkness for once. He entered into the kitchen, peering over to the nearest window to be greeted by a sight of water droplets on the window pa- wait, that wasn't just because of morning precipitation, it was flat out raining outside! Romano wanted to thank the heavens. Since it was raining, they couldn't go to the beach! Now he didn't have to make up an excuse on why he couldn't go.
     He'd known for a while that he'd have meetings and check-ups every Friday until it was certain he was situated, and not being followed, though that is a deeper chasm of what went on in the life of Lovino Vargas.
    "Well would you look at that... looks like I'll have to call the girls.."
  Romano flinched and glanced over his shoulder slowly, the Spaniard stood there, no shirt, as per usual, and in tomato dappled boxers.
       "I guess I'll have to tell them to meet us here..."
"Meet us here!?"
     Spain paused in his texting pursuit, staring at Romano in question by the boy's shocked and worried tone.
    "Yeah... meet us here.. we'll end up going to the movies or something,"
  "I... I can't..."
      "What do you mean? You agreed to-"
"I didn't agree to anything! You set it up! And anyway... I have something I need to do out on the town anyway.."
    "Well, just come with us and we'll dri-"
"NO!... No... I can handle it, I'll be back here later.. please give Lili my apology..."
     As quick as he could, for the tension of questions in the room was rising, Romano exited to the bathroom, where he left the door unlocked, seeing as the door nob was still amiss from the last endeavor. He looked into the mirror, it still disgusted him, the face that looked back, the face that scowled at him, as he scowled at it. The faucet creaked complaints as he turned it on, splashing it's cold water over his face, and then drying himself with a nearby hand-towel.
      His car sputtered a few times, and he'd assumed it had frozen over the night before, but he had to get it working, he had to go, if he was late, it would only cause unneeded distress.
     "Come on, start..."
   He tried again, it sputtered and then, victory!
The car turned on, purring softly as the gas was pressed by Romano's sneaker.
      "That's more like it..."
  Shifting the gear, he turned so he could look out the back window and get out of the small garage, finally he maneuvered out and was free to drive off, as he looked into his rear view mirror, he saw Antonio standing there in the driveway, watching as Romano drove off, and, scowling, but that didn't matter, it didn't matter if it bothered the Spaniard, because if Lovino wasn't at the meeting, he would be in an immense amount of trouble.
        He finally arrived. Parking on the side of the street and entering into the abandoned warehouse that was only ever used for rare occasions and parties.
     "South Italy! There you are!"
"Don't call me that.. you know I'm not anymore..."
     "I am still your adviser, if not your boss, and you are still Italy's brother, if not his other half.."
"I don't want to hear about him... look at me, I'm fine, can I go now?"
      "You know as well as I that is not why we called you here, sit down, tell us.. where are you living? How are things?"
    Romano explained his entire scenario, leaving out any names, he didn't like to bring others into the entire national board and they didn't question it, so things worked out just fine.
   "Well, its good to see you're doing well.. we'll put the usual amount into your bank, to refresh, and we hope to see you next Friday..."
         It was like he was going to a therapy session, and that it was, but, the reason for them was one so dark, so malicious, that if Romano knew of it, he wouldn't have will to move or speak any longer. When he was gone from the room, a man stepped out from the shadows.
    "Well, it doesn't sound as though he's after his brother..."
"You never know, if he kills Venenziano, he could claim rights of the country, and no one wants that sniveling brat, to be the caretaker of such a great nation... it'd be better for us if that boy was dead, then we wouldn't have to worry..."
    "You don't mean that!"
"Perhaps I do, you know as well as I that he is good for nothing."

    Romano walked to his car, not paying much attention to that, that went on around him, his hands in his coat pockets, his head down and hidden partly by a scarf he'd been given by someone he now loathed, a brother, a unjust successor. His teeth tightened and he threw a fist at a brick wall to his left side, causing pain to seer through his knuckles.
    "Hey... you..."
   He didn't have much time to turn before being pulled into an alley and gagged by someone's arm around his neck. He coughed and looked forward to see a man in a fedora, a black long coat, and shades standing there with a mind-piercing smirk stuck on his scruffy face.
     "Ey there... South Italy..."
      This was exactly what he was trying to avoid when he'd moved to Spain!
   He had to escape, he had to get away, he had t-
      He coughed, kicking here and there and trying to get loose of the enormous man's handle.
The man before him walked up and punched him as hard as one could in the stomach, the man behind him releasing his grasp now as Lovino fell to the ground choking on liquid that wanted to rise.
   "You know..."
   The man knelt down, pulling Romano's hair back and pushing him up against a wall, nothing hurt more, than having a large mass of one's hair, used to direct them somewhere, it was an unfathomable pain, and only hours after it was over, would it subside, and would one forget about it, or how much it had hurt.
   "Our boss is not too pleased that you didn't just die off... he thinks having you around is great insecurity, if Italy isn't a united country all together, how will we be able to take control of it? Keep things in order..."
  They were going to kill him, they were going to end it when things had been going smoothly for the most part, but, if that was so, he couldn't give them the satisfactory of thinking he was scared, he couldn't let them win in that department.
     "Heh... you are all stupid you know that? I'm not part of the damn country anymore... I'm just a regular fucking citizen... yet... I'm still a threat to you? Pheh.."
        The man's smile turned to a blank expression, then to a scowl as he stood up, pulling the boy up with him, using Lovino's hair to do so. He began to kick the boy, landing a punch on him after letting go of the boy's mop, Romano falling yet again, not even trying to get back up, as he knew it would be a useless effort.
    "You are one smart ass little bastard! And cockiness is the FIRST thing that gets you killed!"

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the street in which this endeavor was happening, a group of friends were exiting a move theater, ready to drive off for dinner, then home. One, was a Spanish man, he was smiling, laughing with everyone else, though it was all fake, for his mind was completely on someone else, even if his girlfriend stood there before him, holding his arm in a whimsical attempt of romance. As the others headed for the car, something caught Antonio's attention, something moving in swift motions, something... on the other side of the street. When he turned and got full view of what he'd only seen a piece of, his smile vanished, and he darted off, leaving his girlfriend to stand there, and look toward where he was headed.
        "Oh... ohmygod! Francis, Gilbirt!"
   Her horrified tone caught their attention quick, as they looked off to where she'd been fixing her vision, they too let go of their dates and ran to aid Antonio.
     "Time to finish you off..."
               The man that did all the talking, pulled a gun from inside his coat, readying it and pointing it straight for Lovino Vargas, it was going to be over soon enough, would dying... hurt?
     The boss shot, Lovino's eyes tightened close and- nothing? They reopened after a few minuets, and as he looked up he found, three men standing before him? What? He was so near death and... how did they...?
     "Leave him the hell alone!"
  The man scoffed as the burly man that had earlier held Romano stepped forth, only to be stopped.
"You do know who these three are don't you? They aren't worth our time.. they'll just come back anyway... We'll be back for you though..."
    The man pointed a sausage resembling finger at Romano before stalking away with his accomplice, to vanish into the dark side of the alley, only left to be known by the pattering sounds of footsteps on a wet concrete ground. Only when the footsteps had vanished, were the girls allowed to come over, Antonio turning and kneeling down to hold Romano up against the wall.
   "What do you have to do with them!? What is going on! How do they know you!"
        Romano just shook his head, for he didn't have strength to speak, even the touch of this man was aching his body.
       "Lovino damnit! Tell me!"
"Antonio! You're being to rough, he's probab..."
     All voices faded as Romano drifted off into sleep, the pain he'd endured was too much for him now, and the cold rain that fell, washing away the blood of the crime scene, wasn't making the situation any better.
    A hot towel, that's what he awoke to, a hot towel, being placed on his head, but not by Antonio, by the man named Francis, a man he hadn't had many conversations with.
     "Oh... welcome back to daylight, mon ami.."
  Romano didn't want to say anything, it felt as though someone was pounding nails into all the bones of his body, it made him almost want to forget breathing, if not for just a moment.
     "You took quite ze beating... and now... I have to ask you a question..."
  Romano was only partly paying attention, though he did his best not to show it, as best as one in so much pain could.
      "Are you... a country?"
           His heart paused, and feelings raced inside his chest.
    "Ah... zo you are... I knew it..."
                How did this man know about countries? How did he know they had human personas?
        "Well zen, its a pleasure to meet you, I am Francis Bonneyfoy, or... France, its actually quite a grand coincidence that you are a country, for you see, we all are, the girls, Antonio and Gilbirt... even the man that manages this building.. mmh... so.. what co-"
            "I'm not a country anymore!"
   "Ah.. then your situation is a lot like Gilbirt's no?... This may be a lot to take in, I'm going to have to insist that you rest first... and so you're not awake for the rest of the night..."
       France reached out and pressed three fingers just between Romano's neck and shoulders, he pressed hard on this spot and Romano tried to get free... only to be surrounded by the darkness of sleep, once again.
If you haven't read the last three chapters... or if you haven't read this chapter, don't read this yet

I wasn't so sure about bringing in the fact that he's a country to everyone else so early in the series but, it had to be done eventually, and I found myself in a way to do it~

The way Francis found out will be left a mystery until the next chapter~

What if its true that people believe Romano would kill his brother to take over the country as his own? Wouldn't that be awful for someone to think of him? I think it would be...

Ehm... there is a reason Spain wasn't the one that was there when Romano awoke, and that will also be revealed in the next chapter~ <3
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